"MAARGITTA" Original Explosion Proof Cage Lamp Armoured Glass

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aluminium, glass, steel wire


30 cm / 11.8"


148 cm / 58.3"


30 cm / 11.8"


29 kg

Light Bulb Socket

2 x T 8 international size flourescent tube (120 cm / 40 watt)


40 - 65 years


VEB EOW (Elektroinstallation Oberweimar)

Massive rare industrial flourescent light fixture made of glass (1 cm thickness) and aluminium. Protective cage is made of steel wire.

Produced in the former East-German Republic.
The flourescent light tubes have international size: length 1.20m, socket T8, up to 40 watt.
Modification to LED is feasible under professional guidance.

For use in all areas of danger like  mines, in petrochemical plants, gas stations and military installations etc.

  • Refurbished, new wiring, tested. 
  • Original. No replica.
  • Delivery without chain and flourescent tubes.

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