"SCHWARZA XXL" Industria Lamp Railway Enamel

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enamelled steel sheet, cast aluminium, porcelain, steel tube


70 cm / 27.6"


115 cm / 45.3"


8 kg

Light Bulb Socket

E 27 made of porcelain (max 200 Watt)


40 - 65 years


VEB LBL Leuchtenbau Leipzig (former KANDEM)

Huge industrial design hanging lamp with steel tube pendulum.

The junction box is made from cast aluminium whereas the side caps are made of Bakelite. The lamp is made of enamelled steel sheet, outside black and inside white.

Originally mounted as track / rail lighting fixture on the territory of the former GDR.

We've been "putting the lamp on its head" and provide it with pendulum and mounting box.

  • Cleaned. Tested. Signs of use.
  • Home made design by Lux-Est.

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